Integrated Expertise For Effective, Efficient Solution Delivery

Government program managers who seek industry support often face the "Goldilocks Paradox".

Large systems integrators claim to have all full-life cycle IT capabilities under one roof, but in reality cannot make the experts in far-flung parts of their organization work well together.

Small companies are responsive and well-coordinated, but usually cannot provide the breadth of services required to develop the government's increasingly sophisticated IT-based business solutions.

Citizant is the industry partner who is "just right."

We specialize in developing IT-based solutions to complex business requirements by integrating our expertise in enterprise architecture, enterprise data management, business process reengineering, agile development expertise, and program management maturity.

We're larger than a small company, and yet smaller than a large corporation. So our solution experts and program managers naturally work extraordinarily well together to package all these services into flexible, focused teams.

Our solutions emerge from and align with enterprise and segment architectures — embodying business processes that have been assessed and improved if necessary. We ensure that systems and processes comply with environmental factors like agency strategies and OMB, legislative, and regulatory requirements.  And we enable information to be shared effectively between systems and organizations because of our focus on enterprise data management and governance.

The result is lasting value for our customers who must deliver smarter, leaner business solutions despite tight and uncertain budgets.