Streamlining Global Defense Logistics & Transportation Financial Management

The Financial and Air Clearance Transportation System (FACTS) provides the DoD air cargo clearance and transportation financial management capabilities in a single automated information system.  Citizant has developed and supported FACTS for more than a decade under contract to the Naval Supply Command.

FACTS helps the DoD make better, faster, and more cost-effective transportation decisions.  Our team continues its efforts to standardize processes, improve efficiency, streamline supply delivery and reduce operational costs.

Several modernization initiatives have provided deployment flexibility, scalability, and state-of-the-art performance, making it easy for FACTS users to explore, analyze, and report on organizational data and quickly understand what is happening throughout the DoD transportation business.

Web-Enabled: The Web enablement of FACTS was part of a strategy to support global logistics by utilizing new technologies that comply with the DoD Net-Centric Data and Navy Task Force Web policies.  FACTS provides global access to shipment, authorization and movement processes within the Defense Transportation System.  Allowing the use of the same standardized systems, processes and data flows regardless of location provides dependability to the logistics community and better return on investment to the services.

Reduced Legacy Systems:  Citizant also integrated into FACTS the Navy Commercial Vendor shipping functionality previously included in the Smart Transportation Solution.  This reduced Navy’s system portfolio and provided vendors the ability to optimize mode and carrier selection, compare costs, perform air clearance functionality, and receive automatically generated documentation.

Migrated to SOA:  FACTS utilizes a Service Oriented Architecture for Web services and Web presentation for the transportation and financial communities of interest. Employing SOA has ensured application and data integrity, versatility, and cost savings. Not only are FACTS business functions and processes being migrated seamlessly to a new platform, but that same functionality will be available as a Web Service to other DoD agencies and shipping systems. This increases efficiency, shortens time to market, and cuts cost across the DoD.