Designing a Unified Enterprise Platform for Threat Assessment & Credentialing

The TSA Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing office operates in an environment of continuous and ever-changing threats, while subject to continual oversight and scrutiny.  As demonstrated by the Christmas Day bombing attempt, it is imperative to continuously improve and streamline credentialing and vetting practices. Separate programs (SecureFlight, Hazmat, etc.) have evolved individualized chains of command, operating procedures, technical components and capabilities.

secure flight logoThe challenge to align processes while maintaining program integrity starts with the transition to a fully operational SecureFlight. TTAC must be scalable to meet evolving mission requirements, including new threat populations.  This scalability includes the ability to rapidly analyze requirements and risks, design and implement solutions, and evaluate effectiveness against defined metrics that support iterative improvement.

TTAC Infrastructure Modernization (TIM) is a business transformation program that harmonizes diverse programs through new technology, processes, organizations and capabilities. The successful completion of TIM will deliver a consolidated and integrated secure transportation vetting and credentialing services platform that will:

  1. increase the probability of preventing a successful terrorist or other criminal attack on the transportation system;
  2. integrate and provide an end-to-end capability to manage identities, credentials, and assessment results for millions of transportation sector workers in a person-centric view that leverages the lessons learned from years of managing a diverse portfolio of screening programs; and
  3. unify the enrollment and vetting services across all the programs to enable fee parity.

Citizant's Support to TIM

The TSA Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA) has sought to transform legacy stove-piped business processes and information systems to yield a more integrated business and technical enterprise architecture. Citizant’s agile approach -- termed the Enterprise Business Transformation Approach -- leverages TIM’s current planning and architecture investments and provides a series of iterative cycles that progressively detail the requirements for each enterprise segment.

tsa twic cardThis approach will result in an integrated system that will also enable OIA to integrate current and emerging requirements, transition to a “person-centric” view, and optimize IT investments to deliver the Next Generation Threat Assessment Capabilities aligned with TSA’s mission and build a unified, intermodal business architecture and operation models for federated recurrent and unified credentialing and vetting processes.  The first two iterations conducted by Citizant have been designated as SOA infrastructure development and implementation.  The final iterations will focus in the development of an enhanced credentialing framework for the Maritime, Surface and Aviation sector populations. 

CItizant's support has included: system integration, documentation and analysis of the current operating environment, and helping OIA and TSA leadership define the ideal Business Architecture for the Future State of the credentialing process when TIM systems are deployed in a cloud environment.