What does it mean to be a "Citizant"?

"Citizants" come in all shapes, sizes, and colors but they all have the Citizant core values at heart—they're what binds us. To illustrate the unique culture here, several associates shared what the company's core values mean to them and what it means to be a "Citizant."

You're on the team, but you don't lose yourself.

You are part of a team you can identify yourself in and, at the same time, be very comfortable in what you do. Every company has its own culture. At Citizant, everyone is on the same page; there are no islands. It's a much more cohesive effort. When the government shutdown affected Citizant (see the sidebar), everyone was trying to have everyone's back.

The company will fully support your career goals.

I started here as a Senior Architect supporting one of our major Federal Civilian clients. Through hard work and dedication I’ve been able to advance my career within Citizant, and I feel that I’ve earned the respect of my peers and supervisors. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in a broad spectrum of corporate activities, and I learn something new every day that I can apply to my current role immediately. Working here at Citizant is the first time I’ve been able to chart my career path and goals, and see it actually come into fruition.

If you leave for another opportunity, you're welcomed back.

I was hired at Citizant in 2008, and worked here for three years. I loved my job! It was fast-paced, rewarding, and challenging. I was able to take on responsibilities beyond my job description, making it a true learning experience. When there was a shift in management, I felt it was time to move on. I took a job at a large corporation. While the people were wonderful, roles and responsibilities did not overlap. There were definite boundaries, with little wiggle room. I felt boxed-in. At Citizant, resources were limited, but opportunity was endless.

When asked if I wanted to come back [in 2013], I jumped at the opportunity and am happy I did. I was offered all the support I needed to get going, and have never been turned down for any training requested. I feel management has provided support and mentoring since I returned. I am thankful I rejoined Citizant.


What our Values Mean to Us

You succeed here only by sharing our core values. We hire, we fire, we reward, we coach, we promote, we counsel – all based on our five core values. The statements below are how some Citizants have described what our core values mean to them.


  • Responsibility is taking ownership of your actions and seeing tasks to completion, beyond expectations.
  • Responsibility in your job is like ethics – it’s doing the right thing even when no one is watching.


  • Drive is the willingness to adapt to the challenges of working in a dynamic government contracting environment.
  • Drive is the energy you put forth to reach and exceed your set goals.


  • Our reputation is what we're trying to achieve in all the Core Value areas. It's our average grade. It's how we're looked at by others.
  • Reputation is how you are perceived, personally and professionally. One negative mark on your reputation takes MANY positives to regain confidence.


  • Going above and beyond the baseline. Doing the absolute best.
  • The more excellent you perform, the higher chance of a great reputation.

Better Future

  • A better future starts with yourself. Work towards a better future for all team members in the organization and the customers we support.
  • You strive for a better future by looking at the big picture instead of being preoccupied with day-to-day events.