Employee Testimonials

In Their Own Words

Citizant strives to be a place where our employees can honestly say they are happy to come to work every day.  Here is what some of our associates say about working here...


BryanY-2The events that unfolded during the government shutdown in 2013 gave new meaning to the term “family.” A family isn’t always blood-related like your goofball brother or crazy hippie aunt. Family are the people who look after you. People who step up when the going gets tough. The unselfish actions and borderline heroism I witnessed that week last fall are truly inspiring. I know I am not alone in saying that — after all Citizant has invested in me — giving back, either through timebank or whatever means necessary, just felt right. Our leadership team, headed by our fearless leader Alba, went above and beyond what any normal company would do in this situation. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though. Citizant really is a family.

Solution Architect

Sayisha2At Citizant, no matter what your position or ethnic background or gender, YOU matter. They push you to push yourself to limits that you might have thought were unreachable.

Our CEO knows struggle, knows disappointment, knows hard times, but she keeps going. The biggest lesson I've learned from her is keep moving forward, and whatever it is, make it happen by any means necessary. Nothing is out of your reach.

The idea of my manager being located somewhere else was unusual for me, but she is ALWAYS available for me and the same for the other departments. These people are devoted to us succeeding in every aspect of our lives, not just as employees. They understand children, and illness, and loss, you name it, and they work to help you overcome and conquer whatever the challenge is.

I always thought I wanted to work for the government. Not sure about that now; I have an employer that actually values me and is always encouraging and supportive. No issue is too big or small; no question is too dumb or stupid. Citizant allows you to dream and dream big all while having the opportunity to serve America's citizens. Doesn't get any better than that!

Credentialing Specialist

MattT-2I believe a compelling reason to work for Citizant is the power of your own contribution to your career path. Citizant is an agile company with opportunities in various fields that allows for a different type of growth than typically offered by larger companies with different driving values. You are able to develop your skills based on your interests.

With Citizant, I have grown through mentorship, professional challenges, life changes, and work experiences on various projects. I have been exposed to nearly all aspects of the work we do which has helped me have a better understanding of the business as a whole. This has helped me not only to grow as a person, but also as an asset to our customers and the company.

I have been able to reliably balance my life changes and schedule with the work I perform for our customers at Citizant. Citizant's management staff has been able to work with our customers to ensure that quality work is performed while allowing the flexibility of things like telecommuting and remote site work. At one point in my career at Citizant, I moved out of state. Without question the company offered me the ability to work remotely rather than steering me to conclude my employment. I have worked with several other employees that have also had to balance life with work. I have seen Citizant do what they can to accommodate these unexpected changes.

Application Architect