We're Obsessed with Hiring the Right People

Whether you are an experienced professional, or a recent college grad, we are looking for enthusiastic, mature, and trustworthy people who are willing to tackle any tasks are required to help our customers succeed. The Venn Diagram on the right (by Jeff Venn2Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn), which went viral in August 2014, best describes the people we want to work with.

The right people make all the difference and often take months to find, due to our detailed and staffing processes and exacting standards. The purpose of this rigorous process is not only to select the best candidate, but also to give great candidates a view into the Citizant world. The decision to change jobs is one of the most difficult and stressful life choices. We hope our hiring process provides a mutually beneficial outcome to help the candidate at this pivotal time.

Once you've submitted your résumé, here is what you can expect from our hiring process (depending on the position you're applying for).

Phone Screening

A member of our Talent Acquisition Department will call you to verify your skills and responsibilities for each prior position, your salary requirements, and citizenship status, among other things.

Meet and Greet

A team member — likely the project/department manager — will meet with you in person (or via video chat or phone call, if necessary) to review your technical/professional capabilities, recent employement experiences, and recent supervisor relationships.

Structured Interview

Citizant uses the Topgrading "A Method" for Hiring, which includes a unique interview format that allows us to get to know candidates and the dynamics of their work experiences and relationships through a structured review of their education and job history. A manager or executive will conduct this critical interview, which usually takes 3-6 hours (depending on the number of previous jobs on your résumé).

How can you prepare? Just be ready to talk about your education and job history, and the highs and lows of each position. What did you think of your former supervisors, and what will they say about you? Why did you leave each job?

There are no trick questions, no right or wrong answers. All we expect are candid, honest responses.

Reference Checks

The hiring manager will contact your former supervisors to confirm the information gathered during the structured interview.

Security Screening

If you're offered the job, we require a background check and fingerprinting for many employees. Depending on the position you're applying for, there could be a separate background check or security clearance screening conducted by the government agency.