Dear TSA Agents all across America,

Just a quick note to thank you for your tireless service to our country and all Americans that travel by air! If it feels like no one else is telling you this right now, please know that we value the important work that you do and the many sacrifices that you make for the safety of total strangers. Admittedly, the lines are sometimes a wee bit long, but I still appreciate the pat down. It always makes me smile.

I understand from recent articles that I have been reading that many of you have been struck with a 48-hour stomach virus. How terrible! So unfortunate, especially now that you are having to work without pay. I am genuinely concerned about you. And, as I mentioned in my Week 4 Shutdown Survival Tips earlier this week… it is important that you take care of YOU first before attempting to take care of those around you.

To that end, I stayed up late last night conducting some research on how best to treat this nasty strain of the stomach virus, and everything I am reading says that you should STAY HOME, get on the BRAT diet as soon as you are able to stomach anything, and get plenty of REST! Also, 9 out of 10 doctors recommend that you quarantine yourself so as NOT to infect others with this nasty virus.

I want to reiterate how much we all APPRECIATE the great work that YOU DO – each and every day – to keep all Americans safe! But I completely understand the importance of you taking care of yourself first during this challenging time. And if airports across America need to shut down until you are feeling better, the American people will absolutely understand.

Be well. Do good. But above all, STAY HOME and take care of yourself!