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Capabilities Overview

Integrated Expertise for Data and IT Modernization and Transformation

Citizant specializes in developing IT-based solutions to complex business and legislative requirements by integrating our expertise in enterprise data management, Agile development, DevSecOps automation, business process re-engineering, and program management.  We constantly push the envelope to help our federal customers test and implement leading-edge technologies like AI/ML, enterprise-scale automation, containerization, and hybrid cloud solutions.

Citizant has more expertise, process maturity, and infrastructure than most small companies. And yet we’re more focused, responsive, and accountable than the massive systems integrators.

As we integrate our expertise in holistic, data-focused platform solutions, our customers recognize the value we deliver with superlative CPARS scores.

The results are effective, efficient business solutions and program roadmaps that achieve short and long-term objectives for transformation and modernization.  Citizant creates lasting value for our customers who must deliver smarter, leaner business solutions despite tight and uncertain budgets.

Everything is Data. Data is Everything.

One of the most important purposes of most Federal agencies is to collect, manage, analyze, report, and share data.  Their data partners and consumers include healthcare providers, financial services firms, farmers, transportation planners, educators, and law enforcement agencies.

The OPEN Government Data Act and the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act are two of the most consequential pieces of legislation in the last decade.  They recognize the central, essential responsibility of government to be a steward of our society’s data and to make sound decisions based on effective analysis of data.

Citizant recognizes that almost every aspect of a federal agency’s operation is represented by data.  Everything truly is data.

Citizant empowers federal CIOs and CDOs to create and implement effective strategies for managing their operational and mission-focused data – and to be able to use that data in both tactical and strategic decision-making.  Whether making IT portfolio investment decisions, tweaking the performance of a CI/CD pipeline, assessing options for modernizing legacy applications, identifying systemic risks in our financial systems, pinpointing fraud and waste in social welfare programs, or providing definitive answers to Congressional data calls – data truly is everything.