Citizant currently provides data analytics and visualization strategies and programs to aid Federal agencies with the implementation and modernization of enterprise data platforms, refinement of existing business processes, development of key objectives and metrics, and implementation of best practices that support the advancement of data analytics and data science programs.

Our analytics and visualization solution leaders have abundant experience developing interactive data visualizations for Federal agencies in a variety of domains:

  • Our work on the DHS MGMT Cube, a business intelligence reporting platform, helps visualize data and answer department-wide business questions. It reduces data-call response times from weeks or months to just hours, improving visibility into departmental operations and resources. The MGMT Cube was nominated for ACT-IAC’s “Igniting Innovation Award” for its innovative approach to Enterprise Data Management.
  • Citizant has developed and tailored Tableau, PowerBI, and Collibra data visualization reports to provide visibility and self-service analytics capabilities against Collibra DGC’s data catalog, immigration data assets, metadata, change history, and user statistics.
  • We led the delivery of a suite of executive data visualizations by developing interactive dashboards in Tableau Desktop for various immigration use cases. The data visualizations included interactive controls to differentiate multiple levels of locality by region, country, and state/territory. The data visualizations were published on Tableau Server to present executive audiences with an authoritative source for immigration statistics and analysis.
  • At the USDOT, Citizant developed a Project Portfolio Information Management System called “The Hub.” This robust data management system featured a user-friendly dashboard and reporting interface to visualize data for mission and operational R&D projects. These dashboards provided agency executives, senior leaders, and program managers with real-time visibility into project costs, performance, schedule adherence, risk, compliance, and trending data. The Hub enabled program leaders to present investment business cases and make decisions supported by timely, accurate data.