Citizant supports the implementation and adoption of data governance tools (including ATO of data platforms in GovCloud), data catalog architecture, data stewardship registries, and lifecycle management of metadata and reference data. These governance-related services add trust and understanding to an agency’s data through effective data stewardship and a robust business glossary, enabling and accelerating digital transformation.

Citizant’s data governance expertise helps federal agencies:

  • Break down departmental silos
  • Improve evidence-based policymaking
  • Strengthen data stewardship processes
  • Clarify how data is organized, stored, and flows
  • Standardize business terms and definitions across the organization

Governance in Action in the Immigration Domain

Citizant’s team of data architects and engineers led the design, configuration, implementation, and ATO of Collibra Data Governance Center in the AWS GovCloud and populated data assets, metadata, and data sets in Collibra for 14 mission-critical systems for a federal immigration agency. This powerful enterprise data platform supports the agency’s ability to facilitate metadata harmonization, agency-wide discovery, and data standardization that enables information sharing.

  • Citizant populated Collibra’s data catalog with more than 25,000 data assets and exchanges. We monitor development activities across the agency’s business portfolios and update the data catalog continuously. Our data engineers provide infrastructure, environment, and administrative support for Collibra DGC and recently supported the successful migration of the agency’s metadata to the DHS Cloud.
  • As members of the agency’s Data Management Team, Citizant leads updates to the Enterprise Data Architecture in alignment with DHS, Component, immigration domain, and industry standards. We ensure the standardization of data at rest and data in motion (e.g., data exchanges, direct operations, web services) at the agency through disciplined Data Model and Service Registry reviews (semi-annually and on-demand).
  • We were also responsible for tracking and ensuring the currency of Information Sharing Agreements across the agency. We leverage insights from the Collibra Service Registry to identify opportunities to standardize, streamline, automate, and optimize the EDA and data exchanges.