Extracting Value from Federal Enterprise Data

Effective Enterprise Data Management (EDM) programs provide agencies with timely and accurate information to respond to legislative requirements, make informed decisions to optimize investments, enable secure information sharing, and improve mission performance by providing solutions that align with business goals. As federal agencies wrestle with the need to design agile, value-driven information-sharing architectures, they also need to develop adaptive information management practices that bridge the gap between business needs and solution delivery.

Enterprise Data Management Analytics imageOur EDM approach provides practical strategies to deliver tangible benefits for agency lines of business and the communities they serve — whether they are citizens, state/local/tribal governments, or industry. Our experienced, proven data architects and business process analysts ensure the alignment of data and information with layers of an agency’s Enterprise Architecture (EA). The line-of-sight across EA layers enables agencies to effectively integrate data assets into transformation and modernization plans to:

  • Create a business-driven perspective to prioritize opportunities that resolve business problems and optimize investments, while reducing operational risks.
  • Ensure a cohesive technical solution for provisioning data-centric services that support stakeholder and community information sharing needs.
  • Implement governance methods that involve business stewards, technical stakeholders, and information-sharing communities.

Citizant invests heavily to develop enterprise methods and tool expertise based on best practices from government, industry, and academia. Our strong process alignment and streamlined methodologies provide timely, effective, fit-for-purpose solutions. This flexible approach allows us to scale projects up or down, while maintaining program quality. Our team has extensive experience in a variety of data management frameworks, methodologies, best practices, and tools such as SharePoint, EAIR, erwin, Jira, and Collibra.

Enterprise Data Management Support at DHS

Since the inception of DHS, Citizant has provided support across DHS and its components in the areas of business and data architectures; conceptual and logical data models; and maintenance of the DHS Enterprise Architecture Information Repository. We established, maintained, and promoted enterprise data management best practices across the Department.

  • We facilitated the Data Management Working Group (DMWG), Master Reference Data Working Group (MRDWG), and other working groups and tiger teams stemming from enterprise data initiatives. Examples include the Data Maturity Index (DMX) Tiger Team, the Enterprise Conceptual Data Model (ECDM) Tiger Team, and the Governance Standards Tiger Team.
  • We identified and promoted data stewardship leveraging best practices and maintained the master reference datasets for the Department. We updated the Data Stewardship Framework based on DHS and Component feedback. Additionally, we reviewed the Data Stewardship Framework document and developed a draft infographic to support visualization of steps, use, and value of the Framework.
  • We supported the development and maintenance of project, segment (line of business), and enterprise Logical Data Models (LDMs), Conceptual Data Models (CDMs), and other data standards, deliverables, and artifacts. We provided data architecture and modeling support (as-a-service) to DHS Divisions, Directorates, and Components, such as the Federal Protective Service, the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO), and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.
  • We also introduced thought leadership from MIT and isCDO to enhance understanding, awareness, knowledge sharing, and insights into EDM best practices.

Award-Winning Leadership for Federal Enterprise Data Management

Citizant’s leadership in Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions, Data Quality (DQ), information sharing, and open data has been nationally recognized by awards such as Government Computer News’ Promising Practice Award for data management excellence; Computerworld’s 21st Century-Achievement Award for data harmonization and information sharing; MIT’s Outstanding Contribution Award for DQ; and the Government Information Security Leadership Award. Our data experts received a White House commendation for success on HUD’s Open Data Initiative.  Citizant’s significant contributions to the DHS MGMT Cube program helped that program earn a nomination for ACT-IAC’s Igniting Innovation Award.