The Urgent Need for Innovation and Expertise

The current landscape of antiquated IT systems is posing significant challenges to the efficient operation of government agencies and the effective delivery of public services. Inefficient workflows and data silos hinder inter-agency collaboration, impair productivity, create unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles, and impede the government’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively to emerging challenges.

Recent data paints a vivid picture of the urgent need for IT system modernization. It is estimated that over 80% of the federal IT budget is allocated to maintaining existing systems, leaving little room for innovation or improvement. Agency CIOs have few resources left to invest in cutting-edge technologies that can drive efficiency and streamline operations. Legacy systems that are difficult to maintain, update, and secure are prime targets for cyberattacks, potentially exposing sensitive government data and jeopardizing national security.

Citizant has the integrated expertise across many IT and management domains to tackle the Government’s difficult IT modernization challenges. These projects require more than just knowledge of obsolete programming languages. Modernizing these systems requires the capabilities to:

  • Document current-state IT and legacy systems architecture
  • Analyze gaps between the current and desired future-state architectures
  • Map and redesign business processes
  • Create phased migration and investment plans
  • Understand enterprise data sources and targets
  • Create new governance plans
  • Write, test, and deliver code using Agile methods as requirements emerge
  • Integrate with emerging DevSecOps processes and capabilities, including CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, and standardized environment management
  • Migrate data to new database platforms and tech stacks on hybrid cloud environments

Integrated Expertise in IT Development, Modernization, and Automation

Citizant has two decades of modernization and transformation experience at Federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, Housing and Urban Development, and Federal Financial Regulators. As a capable partner for system development, modernization, and enhancement, we are often tasked with maintaining the functionality and security of legacy systems, even as we address new user requirements arising from legislation, regulations, or evolving mission and organization priorities.

Citizant excels at Agile application development and coaching. We tailor our Agile approaches to sync with our customer’s enterprise lifecycle and system development lifecycle. Our senior software developers are cross-trained and certified in legacy, current, and emerging platforms in use by our customers.

Citizant also has deep expertise in DevSecOps automation. Our patent-pending CI/CD Template Framework enables development teams to write efficient, secure code without worrying about managing their automated testing environments. Our production environment configuration templates enable our customers to configure approved, updated, and standardized environments throughout the testing and deployment processes, and can even produce all required deployment artifacts and reports.

Our combined expertise in data management, systems engineering, application development, and automated testing disciplines allows us to succeed in IT modernization initiatives where smaller boutique firms and large, siloed integrators often fail.