Citizant collaborates with agencies to adopt DevSecOps in pursuit of fully automated code testing and deployment to production untouched by human hands. We create fully functional, automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines using leading-edge, open-source, and COTS technologies. For customers who cannot automate deployment in their environments, we assist them with continuous delivery of code to testing and pre-production environments, in preparation for an eventual automated deployment capability.

Citizant collaborated with the IRS to develop the CI/CD Template Framework (patent pending), which enabled developers to quickly and easily self-onboard their applications to the CI/CD pipeline and provided 100% automatic continuous integration and deployment to all environments, including production. The framework was recognized with a 2020 DevOps World CloudBees Innovation award.

In line with current best practices in DevSecOps, Citizant integrates security into the pipeline to move security practices into both development and testing. Through our expertise in automated testing and supporting our customers’ cybersecurity teams in pursuit of FISMA compliance, Citizant is well versed in identifying security requirements as user stories and developing test scripts that ensure our code meets security requirements. We constantly strive to create the optimal “Agile triangle” between development, operations, and security professionals.

Pursuing True DevSecOps in Mission-Critical Government Environments

Citizant provides thought leadership in DevOps practices that integrate software engineering, IT operations, and quality assurance. Citizant is leading the development and implementation of a DevSecOps Center of Excellence for a large Federal agency. We partnered with a leading commercial Agile innovator and solution provider to ensure a successful blend of Government and industry best practices and approaches.

Our incremental, iterative approach to DevSecOps begins with assessing an organization’s DevSecOps maturity to identify gaps, followed by developing culturally relevant plans for adoption that will reduce organizational transformation and modernization costs. We assist in outreach to educate delivery partners and support functions about DevSecOps, collaborating to redesign business processes as needed. Citizant evaluated DevSecOps tools in a Joint Innovation Lab for integration testing, code quality testing, 508 testing, mobile/ responsive testing, and cybersecurity.