Government agencies face a common challenge.

From our front-line employees up to our senior staff, Citizant understands the pressures our federal customers face to do more with less.  Successive administrations and Congresses have limited budgets and headcount, and yet the legislative and regulatory mandates remain.  And the expectations are higher than ever that agencies will deliver program results with strategic impact, plus better service to citizens and other governing partners.  In short, they want smarter, leaner, delivered.

When government leaders turn to industry partners for solutions, they often receive hollow promises to do more with less and assurances that smaller, more junior teams can deliver innovative results the first time.  Time and again, however, large systems integrators submit unrealistically low bids to win the work and then argue for increased budgets when their proposed staff can’t deliver on time.  And smaller, boutique contractors often find they don’t have the customer intimacy or the breadth of technical expertise to deliver successfully.

Citizant is different.

We bid, deliver, and retain project teams who have the experience and agency insight to develop the right solution the first time.  Because we keep our corporate overhead low and propose innovative technical and staffing solutions, we can deliver seasoned experts at attractive rates.  And our mature management team plus our quality management programs, based on ISO, CMMI, and PMBOK best practices, help ensure our customers are delighted with our work – leading to an average task order CPAR rating of more than 4.8/5.0 in the last two years.

Federal agencies require smarter, leaner solutions and expect industry partners to deliver on their commitments.  Citizant’s decades of experience and holistic, integrated solution approach enable us to deliver a best-value solution, the first time.