Citizant strives to be a place where our employees can honestly say they are happy to come to work every day.  We invest in helping our employees be their best and do their best.

The partial government shutdown in late 2018 – early 2019 gave Citizant a chance to live its values by taking care of our employees first. We committed to keeping all employees on the payroll and fully paid.  The best way to understand our workplace culture and commitment to our employees is to read what our employees had to say after the shutdown.  Here are a few of their notes…

I just wanted to take the time to thank our leadership team and HQ personnel for their kindness and their sacrifice as we go through this crisis as a nation.  Can’t believe it’s been 33 days. In my almost 6 years with Citizant I’ve had some major unique challenges personal and work related.  Everyone that assisted me from HQ did not bat an eye nor run and hide in a panic, but provided guidance and solution based answers.  

I remember the first shutdown six years ago. I was only home four days glued to the television, but it was enough to upset my livelihood.  However we didn’t miss a beat with our pay because our teammates and leaders donated their leave hours.  I’ve never witnessed anything like it.  I have friends and family who are federal employees and they are really struggling. Just this morning my neighbor who works for GSA needed sugar for his daughter’s cereal. Luckily I had more than enough. I asked if he needed anything else he just said prayer. I shut my door and through my tears I did just that.  

I also felt so blessed to work for a company that puts its employees first every time.  I’ve taken people to food pantries, babysat on weekends so parents can go to second jobs.  The situation is critical if you can help someone in any way during this madness please do so. For some, your help and kindness is everything.

Sayisha Wall

Credentialing Specialist

I’m so very thankful to be working for a great company that really cares! 

And for Alba and the leadership team, Shared Services, Operations – and the entire Citizant workforce, who navigated through rough waters, donated leave and paychecks, to keep us all feeling safe with their unending support.

The silver lining in all the frustration of this drawn-out partial government shutdown was getting to meet and interact with the many Citizant Tribe members at the Chantilly, VA headquarters office.

In short:  I worked hard and I learned a lot — including that it takes a tremendous amount of energy, intelligence and dedication to drive Corporate Citizant, especially during a shutdown.

And a special Thank You to Alba, for your tremendously BIG HEART and caring for us all.

Lisa Grazioli

Strategic Planner

I wanted to share my appreciation to the Citizant senior leadership, Shared Services, and my colleagues for their sacrifices during this unpredictable and frustrating time. I’m very grateful to work for a company where everyone truly looks out for each other.  I’ve never heard of anything like this and I’m thankful beyond words.

I’ve been paying it forward by reaching out to family and friends who are federal employees or impacted contractors and seeing how I can help.  I’ve watched a friend’s kids for a couple of hours, so she can go workout to relieve some stress.  I helped another friend, who isn’t tech savvy, on her website and social media accounts so she can earn some money through her business.

Alba’s recent article “You Decide, You Choose”, really came at the perfect time for me and I’m going to focus on what I CAN control during this tense time.

Becky Daniels

Systems Analyst

Other employees had positive comments about their experience at Citizant that are not related to the recent government shutdown….

Having come from a very large public corporation, working for Citizant has been like a breath of fresh air!  I am surrounded by a highly talented, well educated, diverse group of people and am very proud to say I am a part of this team.  I have learned so much from the folks I work with and I enjoy coming to work every day knowing I will learn something new and be faced with new challenges.  Being part of the Citizant Inc. family has allowed for both personal and professional growth for me and I hope to continue working with this team for many years to come!

Karen Lilienthal

Systems Analyst

I believe a compelling reason to work for Citizant is the power of your own contribution to your career path. Citizant is an agile company with opportunities in various fields that allows for a different type of growth than typically offered by larger companies with different driving values. You are able to develop your skills based on your interests.

With Citizant, I have grown through mentorship, professional challenges, life changes, and work experiences on various projects. I have been exposed to nearly all aspects of the work we do which has helped me have a better understanding of the business as a whole. This has helped me not only to grow as a person, but also as an asset to our customers and the company.

I have been able to reliably balance my life changes and schedule with the work I perform for our customers at Citizant. Citizant’s management staff has been able to work with our customers to ensure that quality work is performed while allowing the flexibility of things like telecommuting and remote site work. At one point in my career at Citizant, I moved out of state. Without question the company offered me the ability to work remotely rather than steering me to conclude my employment. I have worked with several other employees that have also had to balance life with work. I have seen Citizant do what they can to accommodate these unexpected changes.

Matt Tabor

Application Architect