Smarter, Leaner Solutions for Government IT & Business Transformation

Citizant is an accomplished, agile business with an 18-year proven record of delivering mission-enabling business and technology solutions. We successfully help customers align investments with mission priorities, implement portfolio management and governance, and enable business transformation – all while applying industry-leading program management principles and best practices. We deliver results-driven solutions in dynamic environments with evolving business needs, stakeholders, and requirements.

Citizant offers a right-sized, best-value proposition to our customers. Like the best large contractors, we successfully integrate many technical disciplines, including enterprise architecture, enterprise application development, enterprise data management, IT infrastructure, systems engineering, and security. And yet we offer our customers the agility, collaboration, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, and senior management attention that distinguish the best small companies.

IT organizations within U.S. government agencies face a myriad of challenges — uncertain budgets, increased ROI expectations, organizational realignment, an aging workforce, new digital strategies, pressure to share information with other agencies and engage citizens in new ways.

The Citizant Difference

  • We are structured to deliver confidence
  • We have exceptional reputation in the market
  • We embrace our customer’s mission as our own

In times of great change, agencies need an industry partner who can help them respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Values: The Heart Of Everything We Do

Citizant’s core values bind our employees together and keep us focused on behaviors that produce value for our customers and the citizens we all serve.  More than just words, these values form the operational foundation for every decision we make and every action we take.

Our responsibility is to all citizens who are also the stakeholders: employees, customers, vendors, and shareholders.

  • Responsibility is taking ownership of your actions and seeing tasks to completion, beyond expectations.
  • Responsibility in your job is like ethics – it’s doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

We cherish our reputation: hardworking, honest, smart.

  • Our reputation is what we’re trying to achieve in all the Core Value areas. It’s our average grade. It’s how we’re looked at by others.
  • Reputation is how you are perceived, personally and professionally. One negative mark on your reputation takes MANY positives to regain confidence.

We are self-motivated to be the best at all times in everything we do.

  • Drive is the willingness to adapt to the challenges of working in a dynamic government contracting environment.
  • Drive is the energy you put forth to reach and exceed your set goals.

We are passionate about excellence in everything we do.

  • Excellence means going above and beyond the baseline. Doing the absolute best.
  • The more excellent you perform, the higher chance of a great reputation.

We invest today to ensure a better tomorrow.

  • A better future starts with yourself. Work towards a better future for all team members in the organization and the customers we support.
  • You strive for a better future by looking at the big picture instead of being preoccupied with day-to-day events.