The Strongest Woman I Know

Since the beginning of time, whether given credit then or not, women have been the backbone of humanity. In every role, at every moment in history, and everywhere in the world, women contribute to the progression of our very existence and transform the future and quality of life.

What’s so special about being a woman? Everything – from being primary caretakers, leading political revolutions, birthing generations, to leading global organizations and beyond.

Join us in support of #StrongestWomanIKnow #SWIK

This year and years to follow, we want to show our appreciation to women trailblazers. Despite negative impacts from personal, economic, political, and societal events, women have demonstrated unmatched perseverance and strength. Citizant employees have shared the Strongest Woman They Know with us, so we’d like to share those submissions with the world. Please join us in honoring these extraordinary women.

Tulika Kumar


The strongest women I know is my daughter, Tulika Kumar. At a young age of 17 years she is facing mental health issues and yet with her strong attitude, faith, and perseverance she is working on overcoming them and growing into an intelligent and hard-working woman she is. She will be starting her next chapter of life by studying her passion of computer science at University of Maryland, College Park this fall. She is my role model, and I am so proud of her.

Joan Goodwin


My nana is the strongest woman I know. Not only did she raise three children, but she stepped up to help raise my brother and I as well. She worked harder than most people I know and is a great example of the type of woman I want to become. She’s an avid golfer and mahjong player, strongest (and my favorite) woman ever.

Rica Wright


Citizant’s very own, Rica, became the first African American woman to hold the rank of Major in the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, serving as the jail commander. We’re proud to have this strong woman influence and impact not only her family and Citizant, but the greater community.

Janet Leidner


My mom is not only the strongest woman I know, but my favorite as well. She had quite the battle with cancer a few years back, but maintained a positive, determined attitude throughout the entire process, which was truly inspiring. She’s my best friend and feel so lucky to call her my mom.

Yolanda Yao Gentry


Raised 5 daughters on her own by working around the clock and never once complained. She is the strongest, fiercest, kindest, and unapologetic 3’11″ Flip (aka Filipino) I know.

Cozzie Johnson


My mom is by far the strongest woman I know – mentally, spiritually and perhaps even physically. So whenever I hear fight like a girl, I think to myself “They don’t know my mom.”

Camila Cruz Hernandez


She was strong in the face of poverty, adversity, family struggles, and serious health issues. She was my guardian angel as a child growing up in Miami. She protected me and showered me with endless and unconditional love during the best and the worst of times. She BELIEVED in me! She also saved me when I was in my third year of college. I was working 4 jobs and maxed out on student loans and grants. I was also out of money to pay for tuition and running out of time to pull the money together. She pulled $5,000 out from her mattress (her entire life savings!) and gave it to me so that I wouldn’t have to drop out and come home. She never asked for that money back. Never said a word. Just continued to believe that I could make a difference.

Li Yan Wa


Due to the hardships of the communist revolution, my mother only completed grade school and worked at the wet market to provide income for her family. When she became an adult, she was the 2nd fastest sewer and had the least amount of defects in the sewing factory she worked at. After she married, she immigrated to the US knowing little to no English, opened a restaurant with her husband, and became a U.S. Naturalized Citizen. Her adversity and hard work motivates me everyday to keep striving for greater and moving forward everyday.

Barbara Rusciolelli


My mom, an army wife of 32 years who made 27 moves alongside my Dad, is an inspiration! Losing her own mother at a young age and being oceans away from her family and friends for much of her adult life, she made the best of every situation, home, and country we were stationed in. And, she always impressed these values on my sister and me – care for family, service to others, and devotion to faith. Love you, Mom!

Paula Minkeson


My mother was a single mother who had me at 25 years old. At 30, she began working for the City of New York DOT as a meter maid, then elevated to a Lieutenant in Traffic Enforcement when they merged with NYPD. After 25 years with NYPD, I had to retire her here in Georgia due to an aneurysm rupture in her brain – the surgeons said if it wasn’t for her mental and physical strength, she would not have made it. To still have her on this earth is a true blessing after being left with dementia – God can do anything. After living with me 14 years and dealing with some tough days, we’re still together trying to make memories that will last a lifetime. My mom taught me true love and sacrifice and I’ve followed in her steps since I had my children. She is the ultimate strongest woman I know.

Alba Alemán


Alba continually pours into the lives of her team, and collectively, we’d like to express our gratitude and appreciation for our fearless leader. Being present and making herself available while juggling never-ending tasks is what truly sets Alba apart from other CEOs – she knows her team, empowers us, and values all of our individual contributions while running a remarkable company. It’s safe to say the Alba is one of the strongest, bravest, and most caring women we know. Also, happy 22-year anniversary to Citizant, your pride and joy! 🙂