Environmental Footprint

Citizant is devoted to managing its environmental impact as an integral part of our corporate management to protect the environment for future generations and has established an Environmental Policy.

As environmental stewards, Citizant is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability. We also address workplace and employee issues around health and safety, inclusion, and work-life balance for our current and future employees. We improve constantly to enhance efficiencies, reduce resource consumption and waste, and measure and monitor carbon emissions across our entire supply chain. We will continue to drive revenue and maintain long-term business growth without negatively impacting the community, environment, or the health and well-being of our employees.

As part of Citizant’s Environmental Management System framework, which conforms with ISO 14001, we publish annual Greenhouse Gas Reports that are available below. Citizant tracks and compares greenhouse gas emissions annually to identify opportunities to cut pollution, minimize wasted energy, and save money.

Citizant’s 2023 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Annual Report (PDF)

Citizant’s 2022 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Annual Report (PDF)

2023 Citizant GHG Emissions report thumbnail