Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Bruce Milligan is responsible for developing and leading the marketing, communications, and sales support operations of Citizant in support of the company’s plan for strategic growth.  He also oversees the company’s internal IT operations and proposal development.

Bruce MilliganHe joined the company in February 2007, at which point he assumed responsibility for the company’s branding program and began leading the company’s marketing and communications agencies.  Bruce reports to CEO Alba Alemán.

With more than 25 years of marketing and communications experience in the technology industry, he previously served as senior director of communications for AOL’s corporate services groups, including HR, Legal, Diversity & Inclusion, Finance, Facilities, and Campus Security. Bruce also oversaw internal communications programs for AOL’s brand strategy and compliance programs.

He first joined AOL after serving as director of corporate communications for Redgate Communications, the pioneering interactive marketing company founded by Ted Leonsis, which was acquired by AOL in 1994. While at Redgate, he helped create one of the Internet’s first corporate Web sites and played an instrumental role in creating the world’s first interactive, multimedia CD/online shopping system. Bruce also served as the senior marketing executive for two Internet startup companies in Research Triangle Park, N.C., and has consulted on interactive marketing, communications, and e-commerce solutions with dozens of business-to-business technology companies of all sizes.

Bruce has advised numerous non-profit organizations on growth strategy, management, marketing, and communications.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Alabama.