Articles About Citizant

Citizant has been featured in a number of news articles throughout the company’s history.  Listed below are some of the most recent articles featuring the company’s leaders.

PROJECT 38: The small business path to CMMC compliance
(Citizant’s CEO, Alba Alemán, explains that small businesses should embrace the Defense Department’s new cybersecurity requirements for contractors.) March 27, 2020
Industry on pins and needles as DoD, accreditation body to finalize CMMC agreement
(Citizant’s CEO, Alba Alemán, and VP of Human Experience and Quality, Pam Schoppert, are asked about Citizant’s preparations for CMMC.) March 18, 2020
Podcast: The 6 Most Serious Problems Uncovered by DOD’s First Financial Audit
(Citizant’s CEO, Alba Alemán, is interviewed about the shutdown starting at 21:15 into the episode)
FederalNewsNetwork Podcast Jan. 29, 2019
Government’s reputation as prompt bill payer among shutdown’s casualties Jan. 25, 2019
The Shutdown Means Government Could Struggle For Years To Recruit Good Employees Jan. 20, 2019
Federal contractors strain to stay afloat as shutdown grinds on Jan. 16, 2019
Why Some Contractors Worry More About This Shutdown (Subscription Required) Jan. 15, 2019
This CEO Won’t Take a Paycheck Until Shutdown Ends (Subscription Required) Jan. 15, 2019
Two Leadership Secrets For Surviving A Government Shutdown (And Bad Times In General) Jan. 10, 2019